The storm

After seeing this moody movie scene from the kitchen window, I grabbed the camera and watched the situation unfold.

Note: Photos are originals, unedited or tweaked in PS. Click to open larger version.
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Healthy juice recipe: “The Ginger No.2″

Here’s a healthy juice with very simple ingredients you’ll always have knocking around in the fridge.

  • 2x Apples
  • 2x Carrot
  • 2x Celery
  • 2cm Ginger

Simple as that, juice and enjoy.

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A day of solid healthy eating

One day I’ll get every day as healthy as this…


  • Glass of water
  • 3 eggs, scrambled with full fat milk and butter
  • Homemade natural yogurt, mixed in chia seed and whole oats
  • V.small glass of fresh juiced apple & lemon
  • Mug of green tea
  • Glass of juiced spinach, celery, cucumber and apple

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The Penfolds Bin 8 Wine Bottle Experience: In-Depth Review

This little geeky joke was inspired by DC Rainmaker – who runs an extremely useful fitness blog and offers in-depth reviews on all the latest gear. Check out an example and you’ll see what a solid gold standard ‘In-Depth Review’ looks like. Content marketers take note.

These reviews are useful, but photographing every. single. little. thing. of a running watch seems a little OTT to me.
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How to start running with a heart rate monitor

Here’s how to start running (and eventually, start enjoying) with a heart rate monitor. You will become faster, lose some weight and generally feel awesome by training within your limits.

Just follow the steps below, which is mainly taken from Phil Maffetone, but with a few of my personal tweaks.

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How I Eliminated Running Knee Pain Using The 180 Formula and a Minimal Barefoot Running Approach.

I’ve been a casual runner for the past 5 years, bouncing along in a trusty pair of Nike Air Pegasus. Like most runners, I’ve never ‘learnt’ how to run properly and as a result developed lazy form and technique, and have been injured. A lot. Firmly touching wood and not trying to tempt fate (I’ve been reluctant to even write about this) I’ve now been running, injury free, for 1 year. This post tells you how I’m doing it. Continue reading

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