The storm

After seeing this moody movie scene from the kitchen window, I grabbed the camera and watched the situation unfold.

Note: Photos are originals, unedited or tweaked in PS. Click to open larger version.
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How to start running with a heart rate monitor

Here’s how to start running (and eventually, start enjoying) with a heart rate monitor. You will become faster, lose some weight and generally feel awesome by training within your limits.

Just follow the steps below, which is mainly taken from Phil Maffetone, but with a few of my personal tweaks.

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience, I’m not qualified. Seek the advice of a qualified health professional before following the steps below. Continue reading

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How I Eliminated Running Knee Pain Using The 180 Formula and a Minimal Barefoot Running Approach.

I’ve been a casual runner for the past 5 years, bouncing along in a trusty pair of Nike Air Pegasus. Like most runners, I’ve never ‘learnt’ how to run properly and as a result developed lazy form and technique, and have been injured. A lot. Firmly touching wood and not trying to tempt fate (I’ve been reluctant to even write about this) I’ve now been running, injury free, for 1 year. This post tells you how I’m doing it. Continue reading

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How I Started Trading Forex & Bitcoin For Beer Money (And How You Can Too!)

First up, the old disclaimer. This is not trading advice. You risk to lose everything when you trade. Yadda yadda. I am not a guru or an expert with 20 years trading experience. I haven’t studied economics, and I couldn’t code a MT4 expert advisor. And no, I’m not selling a trading system to make you millions. Or am I pushing ‘One Weird Trick’ to make you money scalping the Turkish Lira on a Wednesday evening at 11.58pm.

So, WTF am I writing about here, exactly?
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