My 24,000 Word SEO Secrets Book – Now Opensource and Completely Free in a Monster Copy Paste

Warning – this is a ridiculously long blog post. 24,840 words in fact. You might want to try installing this. If you like this post, please pass it onto a friend or share it with a tweet.

I wrote and published “101 SEO Secrets – Accelerate Your Online Marketing” way back in 2012 and sold a few hundred copies. Since then its been buried to the bottom of the Amazon store by hundreds of other SEO books, never to surface again. Instead of keeping all that work locked up in paper, I decided to share it with you all for lots of nice links, tweets and referral traffic.

That said, two years is a loooong time in the SEO field, so not all of it is still relevant. I’ll be tweaking this blog post over the coming months to bring it up to scratch. But still, you can’t say no to a free 24,000+ word book!
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Using a distraction-free experiment to deal with iPhone overload

Props to this post for the inspiration.

On the standard morning commute I’m sure many can relate to, the train pulls up and I settle into the regular ride to work. As soon as the train gets moving, I  instinctively reach for the iPhone nestled in my front pocket. I unlock the screen and start the content consumption journey, a trip which can last anywhere from 5 to 45minutes. Continue reading

An Introduction to Digital Currency

In 2008, a computer developer known by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper on the Internet detailing what he called an electronic cash system that could work independent of central authorities on a peer-to-peer basis. After his paper was released, other developers began work on creating Bitcoin clients and promoting the exchange of the new digital currency to consumers worldwide.

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How I Started Trading Forex & Bitcoin For Beer Money (And How You Can Too!)

First up, the old disclaimer. This is not trading advice. You risk to lose everything when you trade. Yadda yadda. I am not a guru or an expert with 20 years trading experience. I haven’t studied economics, and I couldn’t code a MT4 expert advisor. And no, I’m not selling a trading system to make you millions. Or am I pushing ‘One Weird Trick’ to make you money scalping the Turkish Lira on a Wednesday evening at 11.58pm.

So, WTF am I writing about here, exactly?
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