in Life

The storm

After seeing this moody movie scene from the kitchen window, I grabbed the camera and watched the situation unfold.

Note: Photos are originals, unedited or tweaked in PS. Click to open larger version.

As the sun sets, a hairline bolt of lightening is captured in the distance:IMG_5555Another white hair caught to the right:
IMG_5554 All quiet as the disc shaped cloud on the left starts to form and become more prominent:IMG_5558 The disc goes pink as the sun sinks:IMG_5560Throughout this stage, the now deep purple disc, chucks out dozens of lightening bolts my camera fails to catch…
IMG_5563Then I caught one:IMG_5565Then another couple:IMG_5566Easy pickings:IMG_5570Money shot:
IMG_5578Wide fork:
IMG_5590And then, after 45minutes and over 30 shots. BOOM. It’s raining electricity! IMG_5592